Pepper Jane's Featured Maker for April 2023 - Pepper Jane's LLC

Pepper Jane's Featured Maker for April 2023

Our featured maker for April is Monica Cook of The Blush Poodle. Much like Pepper Jane’s, Monica took inspiration from her pet to name her business. “My favorite color has always been blush pink and my husband and I have a toy poodle who we love dearly. There you have it, The Blush Poodle, LLC was born,” she said.

Monica takes special pride in not only making sure her products smell lovely, but look lovely as well, in any home or office. She has most recently added handmade versatile stone vessels with a seeded paper label. Once you have burned your candle, you just clean it out, add soil and water, and plant the flower seeded label. Presto! You now have a beautiful planter! This is just one of many of the inventive and decorative creations you’ll find at The Blush Poodle.

Here's Monica’s story.

Tell us a little about your shop

I have been making candles and wax melts for almost three years now. I originally started making them for myself, in my kitchen, as a hobby. It quickly became my full-time job, and I have loved every minute of it. I specialize in all-natural soy wax, to ensure they are as clean burning as possible. I make lots of different styles of candles; however my dough bowl options have always been my number one seller

What makes your products special?

My products are special because I add a beautiful touch to each one. I love home decor and wanted my brand to not only smell great, but also be used as decor before, during, and after burning. My dough bowls are easy to clean and use for other purposes after wax is used up. I also offer a wide variety of fragrances for my customers to choose from. I love blending oils and making them my own unique fragrances.

What inspired you to open a shop?

When I turned 16 years old, I got my first job working in retail as a sales associate and climbed my way to the top for 15 years with the same company. Working in the customer service as well as the retail industry has always just stuck with me. While in college and working briefly at Bath and Body Works, I became obsessed with their home fragrance line and grew a huge collection of their candles. This helped influence me many years later, when I started playing around with the idea of making my own candles and tailoring them to my style. In 2022 my husband and I moved from Arkansas, where my business started, to Idaho. I had built a customer base in our small town in Arkansas, as well as the surrounding area. So, I took the leap and opened my own website September 2022 so my customers could still purchase and enjoy their favorite Blush Poodle candles!

What Pepper Jane fragrances or colors did you use to create your products?

I am always researching and looking for new and amazing smelling fragrance oils. I stumbled across Pepper Jane’s Etsy shop in October. I was so blown away by the quality of the fragrance oils that they quickly became some of favorites. I have great, growing, collection and plan on ordering more. Here are just a few I currently have in my collection: Country Boy, Easter Bunny Farts, Moscato, Rain Shower, Pixie Potion, Bibbidy-Bobbidy-Boo, Strawberry Daiquiri, Cupcakes at Tiffany’s, Gypsy Soul, Bourbon Wood Vanilla, Birthday Cake, Smoky Vanilla and Rainbow Sherbet. I have so many others I plan on adding to my collection!

What is your favorite Pepper Jane ingredient?

I haven't tried many items other than the fragrance oils, but I have ordered some of the liquid candle dye and it is wonderful. I love it because you only need a few drops, and your wax is colored beautifully.

Why do you like to shop with Pepper Jane?

I enjoy shopping with Pepper Jane for many reasons. I love that there are endless options of unique fragrances. The oils are very strong and provide an amazing cold throw, as well as an even better hot throw. Every order comes packaged very well. I have never had a single oil leak. The shipping is very fast and the customer service is wonderful.

The offerings at The Blush Poodle make a wonderful gift for family, friends, and co-workers. But, you’ll of course want some for yourself. Take a stroll through Monica’s shop and see why her customers have fallen in love with her shop. Also, be sure to scroll down on her homepage to get a peek at her name-inspiring pup!

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