Pepper Jane's featured maker for February 2023: Kevanna Keyes - Pepper Jane's LLC

Pepper Jane's featured maker for February 2023: Kevanna Keyes

Our February Featured Maker, Kevanna Keyes, is here to show that life is sweet and skincare can be too. Her whipped butters and sugar scrubs are playful, colorful, and smell like decadent treats and desserts. Plus her gorgeous creations are for everyone, including those with sensitive skin conditions. Let’s get to know a little more about Kevanna and her Etsy shop, Kksbodybeautiful.

Tell us a little about your shop

Hello everyone. I am 30 years old, and I just started my own small business making homemade skin care products in 2022. I absolutely enjoy making all my products, and I love all my customers. I take my time with each batch to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied.

What makes your products special?

My products are for sensitive skin with natural ingredients as well. They are made to hydrate, glow, balance, and smooth your skin, as well as, remove scars, reduce dark marks, and help to treat oily or dry skin. Not only can they be used on your body, but they can also be used for your face. They even make a great moisturizing hair product as well.

What inspired you to open a shop?

I was inspired to start this business from my own experience with acne and eczema. I began making my own products without all the extra ingredients that did not agree with my skin type. Some ingredients would be good, but I’d find others would be too strong for my sensitive skin. I have always been creative and love to come up with new ideas so I opened an Etsy shop.

What Pepper Jane's fragrances or colors did you use to create your products?

I’ve used their Hot Cocoa fragrance, Sweet Winter Apple, Strawberry Shortcake, Banana Puddin’, Gummy Bears and a few others.

See: Hot Cocoa Whipped Body Butter, Sweet Winter Apple Whipped Body Butter, Strawberry Shortcake Whipped Body Butter, Banana Puddin’ Whipped Body Butter, and Yummie Gummie Bear Whipped Body Butter

What is your favorite Pepper Jane's ingredient?

My first purchase from Pepper Janes's Etsy shop was Strawberry Shortcake to create my strawberry shortcake body butter and the scent was spot on. I soon purchased a second in a bigger bottle. All my purchases from Pepper Janes's have been great and helped make my products successful.

Why do you like to shop with Pepper Jane's Colors and Scents?

I love to shop with Pepper Jane's shop because each and every scent I have purchased so far has been exactly as expected. The scents are long lasting and strong but not overpowering. Not only do they provide great scents, they ship fast and have great customer service. Plus the products are packaged well and I’ve never had any issues with leakage. I think continuing to shop with Pepper Janes's Colors and Scents will improve my business because of their long lasting great scents. My body butters that have been on the shelf for three to four months still smell as fresh as day one.

Pick yourself up a little jar of whipped butter heaven at Kksbodybeautiful. You know your skin is hungry for it!

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