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Pepper Jane's Featured Maker September 2022: Wicked Blessed Creations

Our featured maker, Sarah LaFlamme, has an assortment of talents, and thus you'll find an array of goodies in her shop, Wicked Blessed Creations. Along with shirts, tumblers, and jewelry, she whips up some crazy cool candles and soaps, using our fragrances, of course. :) 

Here's what Sarah had to say:

What makes your products special?
My shop started out doing shirts and blankets and has turned into doing resin, soap and candles. My products are handmade by the one and only me :-) I put hours into my work to figure out certain scents that go with certain products.

What inspired you to open a shop?
I started my shop two years ago, as I needed something to do. My kids' school time started later than normal and had to work around them, so opening my shop was the best thing to do.

What is your favorite Pepper Jane ingredient?
I have tons of Pepper Jane's scents that I use for my candles. Every time I order from them it’s like Christmas. I love all the scents, from bakery to floral scents to fantasy. They are all so good! My favorite scent so far has to be Witches Brew.

Why do you like to shop with Pepper Jane?
I love shopping with Pepper Jane! Fast shipping, customer service is amazing, and the products are amazing! I wouldn’t change a thing I love Pepper Jane! 

Join Sarah's Facebook group and scoop up some Wicked Blessed Creations for your home.

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